About “Nikala” restaurant

Georgian cuisine restaurant Nikala invites you to try traditional dishes of Georgia.

ресторан грузинской кухни НикалаNikala restaurant is opened more than 12 years and is a pleasure to its guests due to a big variety of traditional Georgian dishes. Restaurant is located in a historic neighbourhood of the Hero City Kiev – Podol. Here you can have a great time with your family, children, friends and business partners. Any kind of celebration can be held in our restaurant. There are 3 spacious comfortable halls for your use which can feet 200 people. We organize event responsibly and take into account all wishes of our clients. Corporative and birthday parties, catering, children’s party, and wedding banquets- all these can be arranged in Nikala restaurant.

Nikala restaurant combines all traditions of national Georgian cuisine which don’t bare laziness. The process of cooking is laborious as any kind of high art. All dishes are made with love by our professional cooks. Georgian cuisine is famous for its poignancy and spice – cooks add a lot of different aroma spices and souses, seasonings, fresh verdure and vegetables. Georgian cuisine is established by such dishes as

Khachapuri, Libio, Satsivi, Kharcho, Khinkali, Chakhokhbili, Kuchmachi and others. Georgian cuisine is distinguished by its love to native kinds of cheese.

 Cooks of Nikala restaurant follow all the rules of cooking to serve our guests the tastiest Georgian food.

Guests are offered to taste first course, great number of meat dishes and garnish, and of course delicious desserts. Also you can try original Georgian wines.

You will be surprised by our prices. We combine acceptable price with excellent quality and take care not only of your health but also wallet. You will feel a hearty welcome, pleasant atmosphere and will find a big variety of tasty and healthy dishes in Nikala restaurant.

Welcome to our restaurant.